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Electronic Security

Controlled Access

A critical factor in the security of any building is controlling the access to and from the building.  This can be a simple Door Entry Intercom System to a Networked Multi user Access Control System. 

In recent times the access control system has grown bringing what was futuristic technology such as Proximity and Biometric readers to the fore.  Whether you require to simply ascertain who is at the door of your home or premises or you require to restrict access to all but authorised personnel Electronic Security Systems and Fire Protection are able to offer a solution to you.

Dependant on specification and budget our Designers will work with you to create a Controlled Access solution using the latest technology allowing for full integration with an existing CCTV system or Fire Alarm.  These systems can be controlled remotely if required .  Keypad, Biometric, Swipe, Fob or Proximity Card Readers are all available and can be used collectively or individually.

Whatever your requirements are ESS & FP Ltd will be please to take your system from the Design stage through to the Installation with a Comprehensive Service and Maintenance Package to ensure your premises is always kept secure.

Intruder Detection Systems

Intruder Detection Systems can start with a basic audible alarm inside and outside your property, it can be hard wired or wire free if required.  These systems are proven to be an effective deterrent to an opportunistic thief.  A system such as this can be designed to upgraded to level where the system can be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre or if you prefer via you own smart phone.

From this there are several levels of protection available leading up to the Bespoke Fully Integrated Security Solution where the Intruder Alarm System is integrated with a Perimeter Detection System and Power Fence with the Closed Circuit Television System providing a visual verification.  This system can be connected onto your network or an Alarm Receiving Centre via Telephone line (PSTN/ISDN) or Global System for Mobile (GSM) or indeed both should you require.

Our team at Electronic Security Systems and Fire Protection Ltd we can provide everything from a Domestic Grade 2 Intruder Detection System to our Field of Expertise; a Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) specified Integrated Security Solution.

Our Design Team will carry out a survey of your premises and offer a design package based on our Assessment of the Risk to intrusion. Once the system is specified our Technicians will install a system in accordance with the guidelines provided by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).  A Service and Maintenance Package will be provided, designed to suit the specific installation.

Our Service Packages all provide access to our 24-hr helpdesk and a service response level that far exceeds the minimum requirements that are required by the current British Standards.

To ensure your systems are kept in good order our dedicated team of Pre Planned Maintenance Engineers will attend as a minimum one visit per annum where they can provide a consultancy service as well as the compulsory system checks.

We are well aware that you have a choice and by choosing ESS & FP you can rest easy knowing that your Security System is well looked after.

Closed Circuit Television

In recent years the role of Closed Circuit Television has played a vital role from Street Cameras and Commercial Installations to Domestic Monitoring, they are a crime deterrent, helping to provide a safe and secure environment, as well as a reliable monitoring system.  Recent advancements with Digital Technology have provided improved Memory Capacity smaller components, and more effective and easier to use platforms.  The financial commitment has also reduced, allowing a greater scope for whatever budget.

An overt CCTV system can be a crime deterrent or a Loss Prevention Tool, allowing a premises or specified area to be viewed on-site or remotely.  You have the choice of a Static Cameras or a Fully Functional Pan, Tilt, Zoom option.  The system can be set to record and it can be monitored via an Alarm Receiving Centre, or if you prefer you can create your own Alarm Receiving Centre, monitoring multiple systems from your chosen location.

A covert CCTV system can be used in investigation whereby the intention is record an incident or action that you are aware of such as a sudden loss of stock.  The covert system can be best used as a temporary system that is removed following an action being recorded.

Electronic Security Systems and Fire Protection Ltd have experience in all types of Closed Circuit Television  and Video Management System Installations from a single camera domestic system to a multi camera system using Video Analytics or Thermal Image Cameras. 

Our innovative design team can provide a bespoke system package dependant on your requirements such as the areas of coverage required, the length of time recordings are required to stored or simply around a specific budget.

We have a projects team that have experience with several of the leading manufacturers and software platforms.  And through our network of service partners we can provide any civil works, lighting or Network Infrastructure that may be required.

A CCTV system is an investment in security that should be protected with a sound service plan.  Our service packages concentrate on a rapid response 24/7 via our 24-hr helpdesk and a guaranteed Pre-Planned Maintenance Plan.